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We turned the lights on and kissed like lovers. I felt so much passion that all I could think about was drenching her insides with hot cum. She got on all fours and shone her fleshy camel toe on my cock. I just had to taste it and I licked it a few times and then buried my lips in her juicy cunt clamped on my nose and cheeks. I got up and probed my cock at the entrance. You could see that gorgeous fleshy pussy expand to accommodate my crown.A few probes here and there and she began to cum. I could feel the cascade of stickiness down my balls at that moment, her slimy cunt swallowed my whole cock and she let out this painful moan like when yu swallow something really big and it hurts your throat aw bro! ram me break me rip my cunt! Sis moan and I love you and I keep pumping her just before I’m about to cum and I pull my cock out and spew gobs of sticky Mansap on the entrance of her pussy.






















































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http://parinight.comDays were passing by and I had become friendly with nisha as well. Nisha and my mother were also getting closed. As most of the time anish used to come late at home, Nisha used to spent most of her time at my house chatting and watching t.V with mom. Slowly she had become part of my family. As I was also working I had little time to see her and ogle at her beautiful face.One fine day I received a news that my mother’s mom was ill and was admitted. Mom and dad decided to go to nani’s place to see her. I was home alone so mom asked Nisha to take care of me with my food and other daily activities.

The next day only my mom dad flew in the morning. I went to the gym and came back home to freshen up and leave for office. I had developed a very good body by that time and loved it to the core.








































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Post Free Escorts Service Call Girls List - parinight.comShe murmured in my ear Tamo ishase yadre brother I can’t control. I removed the shirt and the towel and what a sight! She was wearing a pink bra and panty. I once removed the bra and there sprang up two huge whitish melons. I sucked those melons and removed her panty too.Oh God! Seeing her pussy and I could not control any longer and I shot my load over her belly. She said Nupa thokte’ you are not like man. I said ‘I will not take a minute to get a hard on again. I licked her pussy for around 10 minutes and by that time my cock has risen to its maximum size.She took hold of it and put inside her warm mouth what a pleasure. I had been longing for that moment and today I’m getting that from my cousin sister! She was expert in blowjob because now a days porn movies are easily accessible to girls too.After sucking my cock for 15 minutes, I said Eti se nathu da thinsinge let me put my cock inside your cunt and I spread her legs and placed by monster cock near the entrance of her pussy and slowly thrush forward. It was damn tight and she shouted in pains and slowly and I buried my whole 8 inches inside her cunt.











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Her hand reaches from below and rubs it in. She’s moaning all the while. She ass cheeks have a glisten of sweat on them and her pussy has entrails of sticky cum dangling she collapsed with her face and arms buried in the bed and ass still sticking in the air. I felt beside dazed, drained and eyes glazed staring at that tight curvy tush eventually, we proceeded to cuddle up and crash out this is just the beginning.She said Paainingbra? I want to hold and I just went closed and took hold of her boobs and wow I couldn’t believe if it was a dream or reality. I have not touched or imagined I would be holding that huge boobs that too of a pure virgin and I kissed her while squeezing her boobs.
























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